David Clizer, the youngest of three sons born to Mathias & Barbara Clizer, born circa 1799. Raised in Shenandoah / Page County, Virginia along with his two older brothers Martin and John Clizer in farming. Very little is known about David. He is mentioned in his father's will - however Martin and John inherited their father's farm, as David was too young.

David later moved to Missouri in 1845. There he married a widow named Philadelphia Fletcher, born 1811 and died 7-11-1870. She had six children from her previous marriage and David and Philadelphia Clizer had four of their own. The lived in Bates County, Missouri in the town of Johnstown. Today the only thing left in Johnstown is a small cemetery. From the cemetery are a few inscriptions from his family. David Clizer died in 1865.


---1. CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS CLIZER, born 11-4-1852, died 3-3-1917. Married Nannie ?


--------1. Irene E. Clizer, born 1879, died 1880

---2. CHARLES MARTIN CLIZER, born 12-20-1853, died 4-2-1878. Married to A. Clizer?


--------1. Ellen A. Clizer, born 8-8-1872, died 12-28-1874
--------2. Letta R. Clizer, born 6-4-1877, died 8-31-1878

I had an small article published in the local Bates County, MO newspaper in 1981 about the Cliser / Clizer family research I was doing and I received the following letter in 1981 from Edna Oneal, who is now deceased.

Mr. Gary Cliser,

Your request for information came to my attention regarding the Clizer family. So far as I know, I am the only one that can give you what you wish to learn. My great grandmother was Philadephia Fletcher who married a man by the name of Clizer. When her first husband died, she had six children, two boys and four girls, one of the girls was my grandmother. Philadephia Fletcher married a Mr. Clizer who lived in the same area. They had a son named Christopher Columbus Clizer. He is buried in the Johnstown Cemetery as is his mother. His wife and one child are also buried there. I have some more history on file and can give you some more information if you haven't found anyone else who can. I am 85 years old remember most of the parties. We always called Christopher Columbus Clizer "Uncle Tum or Tom". We were very fond of him. He was a very large man and obese. He was a harness maker for many years. I will be glad to hear from you. Sincerely, Edna.

Also a local ad in the Montrose Recorder, Montrose, MO - May 30, 1913

"C. C. Clizer has a harness shop and carries everything in new harnesses and repairs"